Company Background

What is DrCallMe?

DrCallMe, LLC. is a company that specializes in connecting people to doctors, anytime of day, seven days a week. DrCallMe is convenient and affordable access to timely personal physician advice and consultation. DrCallMe provides its members with convenient access to telephonic and secure email medical consultations provided by the participating physician network. Telemedicine solutions have been developed to provide advice and consultation on medical matters by independent credentialed physicians through telephone and internet-based applications. These applications also support all operations, including sales, marketing, customer service and physician management.

To whom does DrCallMe provide service?

DrCallMe offers service to anyone who might need or want to speak to a doctor, conveniently and affordably. DrCallMe’s service offerings are aimed at individual members (uninsured and underinsured), and large groups trying to contain escalating healthcare costs. The group programs primarily target (1) self insured employers, (2) health insurance carriers, and (3) associations that are taking the initiative to reduce physician care costs for their constituency.

Do the DrCallMe Physician Network physicians carry professional liability/malpractice insurance?

Yes; as part of credentialing, all participating physicians in the DrCallMe Physician Network are required to be covered by professional liability/malpractice insurance.